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The Indigo Sun is a Texas based monthly guide committed to providing "community" for conscious seekers on their pathway. It is a comprehensive source for the many and diversified fields of practice leading to more harmonious and productive lives. We are dedicated to connecting the student to the teacher and the teacher to the student.












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Indigo Sun Monthly Horoscope

Sun "Light" Meditations
A Monthly Astrological Guide to Inner Awareness
by Ginger McCord

for classes or 
private sessions 

June 2015


A new way every month to use your Sun Sign and the current house it is in as a meditation to be in sync with yourself and the universe. (The houses are the 12 arenas where we act out our day-to-day dramas.)

We each, as we enter into the Age of Aquarius, have the golden opportunity to allow ourselves to drink from our own cup and to embrace the very nature of our own hearts and to act with love toward ourselves as well as our fellow man.

Locate the affirmation that corresponds with your 
Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising sign and use it as a focusing tool 
to guide you in your daily meditations this month.

^March 21 - April 19, Fiery Aries experiences the 2nd house of natural talents and resources. I go forth to initiate rewards and to claim all things as my own.

_April 20 - May 20, Sensual Taurus experiences the 1st house of self-identity and motivation. I bring to form all that I need to move forward with great abundance.

`May 21 - June 20, Diversified Gemini experiences the 12th house of dreams and contemplation. There is no limit to my potential for I am connected to my highest form of communication at all times.

aJune 21 - July 22, Caring Cancer experiences the 11th house of social awareness and humanitarianism. I am intuitively drawn to others of like mind to protect and nourish the earth on all levels.

bJuly 23 - August 22, Warmhearted Leo experiences the 10th house of disciplined learning and social order. I am in divine order and as I reach new heights of accomplishment I am recognized for my creative innovations.

cAugust 23 - September 22, Discriminating Virgo experiences the 9th house of high aspirations and universal truth. I am now able to discern all that is beneficial for me to aid my higher growth and well being.

dSeptember 23 - October 22, Harmonious Libra experiences the 8th house of joining and merging on transformative levels. I am willing to share the very depth of my self with others to develop new levels of trust and understanding.

eOctober 23 - November 21, Thorough Scorpio experiences the 7th house of balance and moderation. I observe all sides of my deepest self and I emerge transformed to new ways of relating.

fNovember 22 - December 21, Far-reaching Sagittarius experiences the 6th house of discernment and application of talents. I adopt to my environments with ease knowing that I will accomplish higher knowledge to benefit my soul growth.

gDecember 22 - January 19, Conservative Capricorn experiences the 5th house of heartfelt devotion and creative self-expression.. I am maintained by inner inspirations to accomplish and bring to form all that I am destined to do.

hJanuary 20 - February 18, Unpredictable Aquarius experiences the 4th house of emotional receptivity and moodiness. I take time to be in touch with my feelings so that I may best serve my need for universal reform.

iFebruary 19 - March 20, Pensive Pisces experiences the 3rd house of communications and day-to-day activities.I am in constant awareness of every moment. In my dream state I am able to learn from my higher self.

Ginger McCord has taught Astrology for 15 years and is co-creator of The Indigo Sun.   You can reach Ginger at
713-526-8822,  P. O. Box 540444, Houston, TX 77254.  Email: