Light Workers and the Whales: An Urgent Call to Protect our Marine Life, by Dorothea Cangelosi, April 1998

The Plight of the American Buffalo, by Dorothea Cangelosi, May 1998

The Last of the Star Fighters by Dorothea Cangelosi, July 1998

Molly's Request by Griffin Kanter, April 1999

A World Without Lions by Robbie Broom, July 1999

Book Review by Griffin Kanter: Bach Flower Remedies for Animals, December 1999


Columns by Marti Miller (Topics):

Refusing to Use Litter box, May 1999

Overweight Pets, May 1999

Pets with Cancer, June 1999

Alternative Flea and Mosquito Bite Prevention, August 1999

Bladder Infection / Refusing to use the litter box, November 1999

Evacuation or Disaster Preparation Plan, December 1999

Sissy, The Elephant, January 2000

Separation Anxiety: Chewing, February 2000

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