Book Reviews and Excerpts

CD REVIEW: The Ego, the Universe, and the Mouse: Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM provides a Resource for Clarity By Greg Brashear

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Stefan Ball & Judy Howard, December 1999

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, February 1998

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance, and Dreams by Debbie Ford, Ocotber 1999

Empowering Women, Every Woman's Guide to Successful Living (excerpt) by Louise L. Hay, February 1998

The Four Levels of Healing: A Guide to Balancing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional
and Physical Aspects of Life by Shakti Gawain, August 1997

The Healing Path of Prayer: A Modern Mystic's Guide to Spiritual Power (excerpt) by Ron Roth

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, September 1999

Psychological Kinesiology: Changing the Body's Beliefs by William F. Whisenant, Ph.D., January 1998

Relaxing Into Clear Seeing by Arjuna Nick Ardagh, April 1998

Stop Struggling: a chapter from Freedom Has No History by Andrew Cohen, November 1998

Talking to Heaven : A Medium’s Message of Life After Death by James Van Praagh, September 1998

Twin Flames excerpts taken from the book Dawn of Enlightenment by Louix Dor Dempriey

The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron, August 1997

The Divine Seduction Excerpt by Nigel Taylor, June 1999

The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida, September 1998

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