Serves: All Humanity

The New Testament
The Bhagavad Gita
Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali
The Light On The Path
*or whatever inspires your heart


Good Conduct
Love (The most important ingredient)

First, gather all tools necessary, and, apply with stern discipline the basic ingredients.

Next, with earnest aspiration and a reasonable level of common sense, mix well and continuously all
four main ingredients with truthfulness, kindness, and gentleness.

Add and stir in daily heaping helpings of...
The Great Invocation,
The Lord's Prayer,
The Gayatri,
The Mantram of Unification,
*or whatever inspires your heart.

(Always watch and guard unceasingly. See that you never leave your batter unattended or it may sour.
If this happens, do not worry, you can begin again, being sure to use all proper ingredients and following the right directions.)

Next, fold in flavoring extracts of charity, justice, and tolerance.

Season with goodness, beauty, and truth.

Fold in two handfuls of patience and laughter everyday.
It is essential to search and find the purest qualities possible. You may have to travel a little distance to
acquire these valuable ingredients; however, do not be surprised, you just may discover you already
have them in your possession.

NOTE: Never concern yourself with exact amounts - the more, the better it rises.

Simmer daily with a well lit and evenly balanced fire, being sure to use the purest and cleanest fuel to
insure and protect its essential qualities.

Then, serve with a heaping helping of compassion, humility, and honesty.

The Life you have baked will surely be blessed and fit to serve all humanity.

Enjoy and God Bless You.

Copyright 1999, C. J. Wheat

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