Allan T. Perkins

Allan T. Perkins, S Ed, has been working with The Runes for more than 15 years. He writes, teaches, lectures, and develops curriculum on a wide range of topics. These include leadership skills, literacy, Nordic and other mythologies, Christianity and comparative religions.

His newest book, Ramblings of a Roving Rune Caster, will be in print shortly. If you like the series …you’ll love the book! All the great runic knowledge from the long running series plus, more. Includes a Runic Dictionary and Index. Allan can be reached at (281) 890-8275 or e-mail:

Rune Series:

Mannaz, July 1997

Tiwaz, August 1997

Jera, September 1997

October 1997

Sowelu, November 1977

Hagalaz, December 1997

Dagaz, January 1998

Eihwaz, February 1998

The Great Unknowable, March 1998

Othila, April 1998

Ansuz, May 1998

Isa, June 1998

Berkana, July 1998

Berkana, August 1998

September 1998

Wunjo, October 1998

Thurisaz, December 1998

Ehwaz, January 1999

Ingwaz, February 1999

Perthro, March 1999

Conclusion, April 1999