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Jon Marc Hammer is an internationally known mystic and author with a gift for “seeing” directly to the core patterns which act as obstacles to our spiritual and professional growth, and has the skills to help us move through them. Through his Sacred Intimacy seminars, private sessions and retreats, he helps others to awaken  more deeply into the Grace of Love’s Presence. For more information, contact: Schieb Promotions, 1210 Forest Home Drive, Houston, TX.  77077, (281) 558-0242, or toll free 800-656-5767, access code 01, fax (281) 496-1760, 


Breathing Room: Sacred Relationship & The Seven Gemstones of Fulfillment, February 1998

Free Falling into God, July 1999

My Own Natural Energy Yield or M.O.N.E.Y., November 1999

Is There Life After Birth?, February 2000