Delores Devore

Delores DeVore, Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master, Results System Facilitator, Sound Healer, and a facilitator for “The Relaxation Seminar”. A seeker of Truth for many years, she has come to the realization that there is only one truth and that is LOVE, and it is the underlying belief in all the major religions. She has studied with Tom Kenyon, Jonathan Goldman, and was initiated by the Hathors in preparation of her work with sound. She uses her voice to help find and release stored or blocked energy patterns in your body in order to help you to consciously and more easily process issues in your life. She teaches classes on Sound, covering many different approaches and uses of sound in many areas of our life, from calming the mind, to clearing the body of stored emotions, and more. She will be giving a Sacred Sounds Experiential workshop on Oct. 2-3. Email:

Articles by Delores Devore:

Sound Works!, Sept. 1999