CELESTE is an internationally known visionary artist, channel, teacher and published author with a master’s degree in fine arts. In the early 80’s, personal trauma forced her to turn to Spirit for answers. She learned to enter a meditative state and let creative ideas flow. It changed her art and life completely. Today, Celeste travels widely, sharing her spiritual insights in soul portraits and lively, informative, art slide lectures. Celeste channels fascinating stories and paintings about the history and destiny of our solar system from the twelve member Planetary Council. She weaves spiritual wisdom and historical facts into a rich narration of personal experiences. These mythological tales of love, courage and adventure inform, inspire and entertain.

To learn more about Earth’s past and future destiny, check out Celeste’s web page: http://www.spiritsite.net/celeste which includes an order form for the "Tales From the Planets" series of books, prints and cards. To commission a soul portrait and taped reading by mail, send a photograph and $70 to 450 Mt. Shadows, Sedona, AZ 86336, (520) 282-1294.


Tales from Mercury, November 1998

Tales from Earth, October 1999