Dorothea Cangelosi

Dorothea Cangelosi is the owner of the Yellow Brick Road Learning and Healing Center. For information call 713-526-7300.  


Mayan New Year
, July 1997

Egyptians Memories and Mysteries, August 1997

The Energy of Christ's Love, September 1997

October 1997

Crystals Bowls and Me, November 1997

The Return of the Goddess, December 1997

New Years Angel, January 1998

Egypt, The Equinox and You, February 1998

Peace on Earth Now, March 1998

Light Workers and the Whales: An Urgent Call to Protect our Marine Life, April 1998

The Plight of the American Buffalo, May 1998

The Order of the Blue Rose, June 1998

The Last of the Star Fighters, July 1998

(no column), August 1998

September 1998

Queen of Heaven, October 1998

The Angel of Thanksgiving, November 1998

Tis the Season to Come Together, December 1998

Gratitude, January 1999