John Calvin

John Calvin paints the poetic perception of the prophet’s faith, unfolding to create a symbolic structure relative to the processes of our cosmic consciousness, our “nature”. He refers to his style as Cosmic Baroque and his visions as“meccanisms”, composites of symbolic consciousness, representing the crystallization of our cosmic nature; the collective mechanics of the spiritual, physical, and intellectual processes that weave the infinite web of our “reality”. Calvin’s paintings are inspired by the poetry of philosophy and the architectonics of symbols, the immaculate cathedrals of perception. He lives in Houston, Texas and has shown his work in Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. In addition to painting, he writes poetry and is a graphic designer for KHOU-TV, in Houston. For information call 713-284-1061 or

Faith in Reason and Grace, December 1998

Intimate Triangles, March 1999

Defending Grace, September 1999