Gahle Atherton

In the elite world of Feng Shui, few Westerners ever achieve the respect and title of Feng Shui Master from the Chinese. Having spent nearly ten years extensively studying in Hong Kong under Master Raymond Lo and other teachers, Gahle Atherton holds this honor.  To date, Gahle is the only ‘Westerner’ to have been welcomed and invited into the esteemed inner circle of Hong Kong experts, her talents having been exclusively recognized in 1994 and 1996 by some of Hong Kong’s and Malaysia’s leading Feng Shui Masters and Grand Masters.

Gahle specializes in building developments, corporate relocations and corrections for buildings with “big Feng Shui problems.” Her clients range from Hollywood celebrities, to some of Australia’s and Hong Kong’s biggest business empires. She regularly consults in the USA, China, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada,Hong Kong, Sing-apore and Australia.

Gahle will be teaching a workshop on “Form and Shape applications” in Houston from Feb 11 – 13, 2000. For more information contact Denise Weightman at 281-444-6724.

Feng Shui: The Interior Design Practice for the New Millennium, January 2000